Live Review – Kasabian (Victoria Park 21/06/14)

An utter triumph.

There are some certain gigs that leave you with a feeling as you walk away from the gates, a feeling that they were important. Kasabian’s homecoming “les-tah” gig was their Spike Island, their Knebworth. Expectations were sky high and even they were obliterated by the sheet magnitude of the event.
There was a buzz in the city, trains packed with people heading to one place and as I made my approach to Victoria Park, so did thousands of others, congregating outside the setting of what would be a very special night.
The only let down in the build-up to the gig was the announcement of the less than flattering support acts. Beatboxer Beardyman struggled to attract much attention, and Zane Lowe was only popular when using snippets of indie classics. Jagwar Ma gave the air a psychedelic feel, a talented band destined for big things in the future. Rudimental, however, were out of place and Kasabian were well overdue as it approached 9 o’clock in the evening.
“bumblebee” was first up, a crowd of limbs and pyrotechnics moved to a heavy bassline and the shout of Sergio’s voice. It was one of only a few songs from the new album. “Shoot The Runner”, “Processed Beats” and other older favourites were well received. Not many as much as “Fire” though, a one which the band stood and conducted mosh-pits and bouncing in the crowd. It was then that you could tell they were beginning to think what everyone else was, this was really something big.
The encore of three songs culminated in an into of Fatboy Slim’s “Praise You” before fading into “L.S.F.”, the refrain of which was sung through the City centre long into the night.
Upon asked by a stranger later on how I felt the gig went, well-oiled with lager, I told them that the gig will go down in history. Waking up the following morning, I absolutely stand by my words. Victoria Park 2014 will go down in Leicester and British music history and will be forever remembered as the day the local lads came back home.

“We started a band in 1997. From The Shed, to this, to Glastonbury. Thank you!”
Tom Meighan of Kasabian, Victoria Park, 21st June 2014.



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